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 Todd Ramirez

Premium Custom Rifles 

Todd is a Master Gunsmith with a thorough knowledge of the finest American and European rifles, shotguns, double rifles .  Over 30 years experience he specializes in custom rifles, restoration,  and stock making.  For all of your gunsmithing needs, stock bending and specialty items such as leather wrap pads.   Todd is one of the best  in the country.

Premium Rifle Builder - Todd Ramirez M.G.S. - Gunsmithing Since 1976

7mm STW

 416 Rigby

Boddington 7 x 57

Todd Ramirez (left) Craig Boddington (right)

"My Todd Ramirez 7 x 57 is by far the nicest rifle I've ever owned... and to my thinking it's designed and built the way a fine bolt action rifle should be.  In the field it's a joy to carry, and it handles like a dream.  It has not yet failed me, and I'm sure it never will."  Craig Boddington


Updated 06/21/2012

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