Alchemist Series

Todd Ramirez, Premium Rifle Builder is introducing the new Alchemist Warrior Rifle Series. Warriors of yesterday, bestowing the lessons of their era; precision, stealth, and wisdom, each of these values incarnated into the very fabrication of the alchemist series. Rifles crafted of the very elements themselves, such care and passion poured into the smallest details, and each infused with the likeness of the olden warriors. Avani warrior of earth; wood and carbon, the embodiment of his love and strength for his lands, is realized in the Avani rifle; a sleek high end wood rifle that is equipped with a carbon fiber barrel. Ember warrior of fire; forged within the inner sparks of oblivion, by the ash and coal of an everelasting flame. The Ember is an all around rifle that has options of a sporter or tactical stock and a stainless steel or carbon barrel. Zephyr warrior of wind; wisdom and grace, the makings of a soul transcends into the long range rifle with the option of tactical stock or chassi. The Ember and Zephyr rifles can be designed with base paint or custom paint up to five colors. The Avani rifle can be designed with American Classic or European, using Turkish walnut stock blank with ebony forend tip. Alchemist Warrior Rifles were built and designed with the same quality as Todd Ramirez's premium rifle line with the same craftsmanship at an affordable price. When designing these rifles the goal was to make them unique, beautiful and be accurate to 1/2" MOA.

Concept, Character and Story design by Tessa Ramirez
Rifle designs by Todd Ramirez

Avani Warrior Rifle Turkish Walnut Blank Avani Rifle Carbon Barrel avani warrior rifle  avani warrior 300 win mag 
Avani - Alchemist Warrior Rifle

Avani Warrior Rifle is a lightweight rifle. It is built with Turkish Walnut wood, handcrafted by Todd Ramirez, in a stalker tyle pattern with shadow line cheek piece. Long open grip with two screw custom grip cap. It has a sculpted forearm with ebony tip, custom swivels and pad. Wood finished is satin oil finish. It is checkered in a point pattern at 22 l.p.i. It sports custom bottom metal is pillar bedded .010 barrel gap precision inletting. All Avani rifles are custom built to clients dimensions of length of pull, cast and drop. This rifle is lightweight and weighs in about six pounds. It is built on an aftermarket Remington action. It is available in both short and long action. Stock design can be European or American Classic. Barrel used is a Proof Carbon match grade barrel or stainless super match.

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Avani Rifle Carbon Barrel 6.5 Creedmor and 300 Win. Mag Avani Rifle Carbon Barrel 6.5 Creedmore and 300 Win. Mag Avani Rifle Carbon Barrel 6.5 Creedmor with American Classic Stock 6.5 Creedmor Skeleton Grip Cap  American Classic Avani  Avani 6.5 Creedmor with Personalized Logo on Scope  6.5 Creedmor Avani American Classic Rifle  Pair of Avani in American Classic and European Stock Style  Avani Rifles  Avani 6.5 Creedmor - Engraved Floor Plate  6.5 Creedmor Avani  Avani American Classic 
Alchemist Warrior Series Avani With American Classic Stock

Ember Warrior Rifle Ember Warrior 300 win mag Ember warrior 300 win mag Ember custom flame paint 
Ember - Alchemist Warrior Rifle

Ember Warrior 338 Lapua Ember Warrior Rifle Ember warrior 338 Lapua Mag  Ember custom paint Octagon 
Ember - Alchemist Warrior Rifle

Ember with optional control feed action and match grade fluted steel barrel
Ember - Alchemist Warrior Rifle with Winchester 70 Action ControlRound Feed with Match Grade Fluted Barrel

Ember Warrior Rifle is a lightweight all around long range hunting rifle, it is suitable for long range tactical use. Rifle can be built on Stiller action or control round feed action. We use Pacnor super match grade fluted barrel or a Proof match grade carbon barrel. Stock style available is light sporting stock or light tactical stock. Rifle can be designed with base paint color or custom paint job up to five colors.

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Dallas Safari Life Members Breakfast auction DSC Life Members Breakfast auction 6.5 Creedmore
Ember - Dallas Safari Club Special Alchemist Warrior Rifle

Dallas Safari Club Life Members Breakfast Auction Gun. This rifle was built exclusively for the Dallas Safari Club 2017 Adventures Convention. 6.5 Creedmore designed after the Ember Warrior rifle series. This rifle has a blue printed action, match grade barrel, model 40 syle stock, painted with Riptile pattern including the scope four colors. Engraved with DSC Adventures 2017, Ember, Makers Name. Outfitted in a Boyt double gun case

Zephyr Warrior Rifle Zephyr Warrior Rifle 338 Lapua Magnum Zephyr Warrior Rifle 338 Lapua  Zephyr Warrior Rifle Custom Paint 
Zephyr - Alchemist Warrior Rifle

Zephyr Warrior is a long range tactical rifle. It's is built on a blue printed Remington action or a Stiller action. Rifle is available in all calibers up to 338 Lapua. This rifle is available with a chassi or McMillan tac stock. Zephyr rifle can be designed in a base color or custom painted up to five colors.

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