We are a Full Service Gun shop located in East Texas and service all states in the United States. Todd has been a Gunsmith for over thirty years with experience in servicing all makes of guns. Work is done in house and we specialize in high end guns and all around hunting guns. Custom Gunsmithing for Fine Guns fall under the category of quote charge by man hour or machine. Please call for your needs and a accurate quote. I specialize in all Itallian, English and American Guns. Example of quality firearms that we work on: Beretta, Blaser, Browning, Krieghoff, Perazzi, Remington, Winchester and Zolie just to name a few. Premium Guns: Beretta Premium Guns, Holland & Holland, Piotti, Purdys, Wesley-Richards, Pistols: All makes of 1911's and quality maker revolvers. Example : Colt, Glock, Ruger and Smith and Wesson.

Service Charges Price Range
Per Man Hour $100.00
Per Man & Machine Hour $150.00
Minimum Charge Per Gun $ 50.00
Written appraisals, cost estimates $ 50.00
Clean & Oil Customer's Gun - Consisting of completely stripping gun, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, making suggestions to a customer of services needed to put in A-1 condition. We work on all quality firearms – service for these guns are by quote. starts at $125.00

Metal Finishing Price Range
Oxynate 7 TM Rebluing - Abrasive / bead blast / wire wheel (matte) finish starts at $350.00

Deluxe Finish: Same as above followed with #240 and #400 grit polish with all screw holes and corners protected and square. Price Range
Handgun $250.00 - $450.00
Rifle/shotgun $275.00 - $475.00

Master Finish: Same as Deluxe Finish with all polishing marks removed, no ripples, and finished with #555 polish to a mirror finish. Price Range
Handgun starts at $450.00
Rifle/shotgun - Does not include S x S or O/U starts at $475.00, shotgun(action only) $550

IM TM , Belgian Bluing Price Range
Handgun $starts at $425.00
Rifle/shotgun $starts at $425.00 Shotgun Action Only O/U starts at $525.00

Slow Rust Bluing/Browning Price Range
Barrel starts at $600.00
Full gun starts at $800.00
NitreBlue TM BLUING (Small parts / accessories) Not including polishing time. $ 50.00/each, $200.00 rings, grips, extractors - $200.00
Color Case Hardening starts at $325.00
Metal Checkering Hourly Rate
Engine – Turning Bolt Hourly Rate
Engine-Turning Small Parts Hourly Rate
Draw-Filing (per man hour) Hourly Rate

SIGHT WORK Price Range
Sight in Customer Gun - Does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc. $ 100.00 - $ 150.00
Bore Sighting Customer Gun $ 30.00 - $ 40.00
Pattern Shotgun - Does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc. $ 60.00 - $ 85.00
Drill and Tap Barrel or Receiver for Sights per hole. $ 55.00
Cut Dovetail in Barrel $ 50.00 - $ 95.00

Install Front Sight Ramp Price Range
Sweat-on type starts at $200.00
Screw-on type (including drill & tap) $ 60.00 - $200.00
Band type Hourly Rate
Install Insert in Pistol Sight $ 60.00
Install Front or Mid-Rib Bead $ 55.00
On Shotgun (Plus cost of sight) $ 45.00
Plug hole and re-drill for bead $ 50.00 - $ 165.00
Install Receiver Sights Gun drilled and tapped starts at $100.00
Scope Mounting - includes lapping rings $100.00 - $250.00

General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work Price Range
Check Headspace $ 95.00
Make Chamber Cast $ 105.00
Remove Stuck Fired Case From Chamber Hourly Rate
Remove Live Round From Chamber starts at $150.00
Remove Obstruction From Bore Hourly Rate
Remove Fouling From Barrel Hourly Rate + Materials
Lap Barrel starts at $130.00
Install Liner In Barrel - Not including cost of liner or bluing. starts at $225.00
Cut And Crown Barrel - Includes disassemble and reassemble Rifles and Shotguns / Handguns starts at $125.00
Chamber And Fit, Pre-fitting Barrel To Action Does not include the cost of the barrel, action, polishing, bluing. starts at $750.00
Install Pre-Threaded And Chambered per quote
Barrel - Not Including Polishing & Bluing - Lap In Bolt Lugs - Not Including Setting Back Barrel Or Fitting New Barrel. $350.00
Welding On New Bolt Handle starts at $350.00
Forging Bolt Handle $ 65.00 -$115.00
Make And Install Spring Hourly Rate
Install Muzzle Brake $150.00
Recontour Front Or Rear Reciever Ring Hourly Rate
Install Barrel Band Swivel Hourly Rate

SAFETIES, INSTALLING (does not include parts) Price Range
Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 Type Safety /Shroud (+ Finishing) starts at $350.00
Mark Ii/Beuhler Type
Chapman Swing Safety Lever

Triggers (INSTALLATION Or Adjustment- parts not included) Price Range
Shilen, Timney, Dayton-Traister, Moyer Type starts at $190.00
Double-Set starts at $350.00
Single Set starts at $140.00

Shotgun Work Price Range
Long Forcing Cone Non-plated bores, per barrel $ 90.00
Long Forcing Cone Plated bores, per barrel $150.00
Resolder Rib - Not including bluing Hourly Rate
Resolder Forend Lug- Not including bluing Hourly Rate
Raising Dent in Barrel - Not including bluing starts at $150.00
Straighten/ Adjust Barrel starts at $ 95.00
Polish- Chamber/Bore starts at $ 75.00
Back-Boring - Per Barrel, non-plated bores Hourly Rate
Open Modify Choke starts at $95.00
Per barrel or tube, non-plated bores. ????

Install Screw-in Choke (3=tubes) Price Range
Win-Choke ® , Colonial, etc. (non-plated bore) starts at $450.00
Port Barrel – Per Barrel starts at ??
Refitting Hinge Pin Lug – back to face weld up locks. starts at $900.00

Muzzle Loader Work Price Range
Pull Ball Hourly Rate
Remove Broken Ramrod from Barrel $100.00

Handgun Work Price Range
Revolver Action Job - Clean, smooth action,not including replacement of parts starts at $250.00
Rebarrel Revolver - Remove Old Barrel starts at $300.00
Replace With New Factory Barrel, Labor Only starts at $200.00
Straighten Crane On Revolver starts at $ 60.00
Install Crane Lock starts at $ 60.00
Remove/Modify Revolver Hammer Spur starts at $ 150.00
Convert Revolver From Square - Butt To Round Butt (does not include finishes) starts at $200.00
Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job - Clean, Smooth Action, Not Including Any Parts starts at $250.00
Tighten Slide Of 1911 Auto starts at $200.00
Fit Barrel To 1911 Auto, Not Including Barrel , Non-Ramped Barrel starts at $350.00
Ramped Barrel starts at $550.00
Fit And Install Barrel Bushing On 1911 Auto, Does Not Include Cost Of Bushing starts at $ 100.00
Bevel Magazine Well Of 1911 Auto ( extra charge for finish) $265.00
Checker Front Of Frame On 1911 Auto starts at $450.00
Stipple Frame starts at $ 550.00
Open And Modify Ejection Port Of 1911 Auto Slide $155.00
Throat, Polish Barrel And Feed Ramp Of 1911 Auto $125.00
Fit New Trigger To 1911, Does Not Include Cost Of Trigger Hourly Rate
Fit Custom Hammer To 1911, Does Not Include Cost Of Hammer starts at $ 100.00
Cut Slide For Bo Mar, W/O Sight, Plain Cut Quote
W/Side Shields Quote
Cut Slide For Dovetail Front Sight, W/O Sight Quote
Cut Slide For Novak Rear, W/O Sight Quote
Dehorn & Break Edges For Carry (Not Including Refinishing) $500.00
Full Melt Down Beveling – does not include refinishing $500.00
Modify 1911 Auto Frame For Beavertail Safety Includes Fitting Of Safety (Does Not Include Cost Of Safety Or Refinishing) $500.00

Stock Work Wood Finishing (Oil Finish) Price Range
Hunter Finish – non gloss finish, filled oil on average stock $600.00
Same finish but on a complicated stock $700.00
Gunsmith Finish - Filled, rubbed oil finish on average stock $1000.00
Same finish but on a complicated stock $1200.00
Other finishes available per quote

Recutting Checkering - Other than by the hour, per panel Price Range
Simple pattern starts at $150.00
Complicated pattern starts at $200.00

Glass Bedding Barrel & Action Price Range
Hunting Rifle $350.00
Pillar Bed $400.00
Install Recoil Pad – Includes Pad $150.00
Install Adjustable Butt Plate - Labor Only $150.00 - $250.00
Install Sling Swivels - Std And Q/D $ 55.00
Install Stock Cross Bolt (Not Including Refinish) $200.00
Install Recoil Reducer - Simple Installation In Butt Stock $ 65.00
Drill Stock & Install Recoil Reducer Hourly Rate
Fit, Bed And Finish Fiberglass Stock Blank starts at $950.00
Install Adjustable Comb Hardware by quote only

Gun Fitting Work Price Range
Consultation Hourly Rate starts at $150.00
Your Gun Measurements & Numbers $250.00
Stock Bending Per Bend 1st Bend (Cast) $250.00
Second Bend (Drop) $200.00
Pattern Board – (does not include ammo) starts at $100.00
Length of Pull with Pitch (includes pad) $200.00
Leather Wrap Pad (no plugs) $600.00
Leather Wrap Pad (with two plugs) $600.00

Double Rifle Work Price Range
Back to Face and Heat Treating by quote
Make Firing Pins $155.00/Hr. With Machine
Part Made (includes heat treating) $155.00/Hr. With Machine
Rust Blue Barrel (no pits) $800.00
Re-Regulate Sights Hourly Rate
Relay Rib & Rust Blue starts at $1000.00
Reblue Action and Furniture by quote
Color Case Action starts at $850.00
Refinish Wood Quote
Call for Quote on Complete Restoration – One of my Specialties Quote
Other Repair Work Quote

All Custom Metal Work Is By Quote


Parts Duplicating
1/4 Ribs
Square Bridging
Bottom Metal
Barrel Work
Site Making
Double Rifle Regulating and Site Work
Forcing Cones
Screw in Chokes
Back Boring Barrel Patterning and Choke Work
Claw Mounts
Converting Pistol Grip Trigger Guard to Straight Stock Trigger Guard

Double Rifle work consists of re-regulation, repairs, new sights, claw mounts, stocks and restoration.

Double Rifle Work:
Claw Mounts
Site Work
Ejector Work
Part Manufacturing
Stock Work
Rust Bluing
Tighten Up and Bring Back to Face


470 Nitro Double Rifle

See more pictures in Restoration

470 Nitro Double Rifle

See more pictures in Restoration