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308 Winchester American Classic Signature Rifle

308 Winchester
Ebony Tip
Turkish Walnut Stock
Color Case Shroud, Grip Cap, and Skeleton Butt Plate
Nitre Blue Extractor
Mosaic Cross Bolts
Skelton Grip Cap
Skelton Butt Plate
Border Engraving and Engraving of Deer on Floor Plate
Leupold Scope with Detachable Mounts

308 Winchester  American Classic Winchester Custom Rifle Right Handed

308 Winchster American Classic Custom Rifle

308 Winchester  30 Winchester Cheek Piece  308 Winchester Rifle  308 Winchester Cheek Piece  Ebony Forend Tip  Skeleton Butt Plate  Engraved Deer Floorplate  308 Buttstock  308 Winchester Forend  Skeleton Grip Cap  308 American Classic Target 

New Leopard & Plains Game Custom Rifle

30-06 Exhibition Turkish Walnut with a touch of red and a high gloss oil finish.
Full Integral Barrel, Square Bridged Mauser 98 with Custom Lever Rings.
Skeleton Grip Cap, Heal & Toe Butt Plate
Finished with High End Blue, Nitre Blue and Color Casing.
Engraved with African Plains Game Theme and African Leopard.
Engraving By Robert Strosin

30.06 right handed custom rifle with exhibition turkish walnut stock

30.06 custom rifle with engraving

Engraved Express Front Hood Sight custom cross bolts engraved quarter rib with adjustable sights  engraved heal and toe  color cased and engraved shroud  egraved leopard on floor plate  custom rings engraved engraved action  color cased and engraved custom skeleton grip cap  custom rifle screws by Todd Ramirez 

Winchester Action Pre-64 Premium Signature Rifle

Standard Magnum Action opened up to 375.

375 Signature custom rifle with exhibition grade french walnut stock  375 Signature Rifle with Schmidt & Bender scope  375 custom rifle with ebony crossbolts

The wood is exhibition grade French walnut. Barrel is #3 contour, 24" length. The rifle has express sights. Ebony forend tip, ebony cross bolt plugs. Golden Brown Stain, 20 coats of finish, hand polish. Checkering point pattern 26 l.p.i. drop magazine. Trap door grip cap. Pig skin black leather wrapped pad. Drop ivory front sight. Bolt handle four panel checkering. Bolt - Jewelled. Two button quick detach mount square bridged action. Stock style is English Classic. Schmidt & Bender 1.25 x 4 flash dot Scope. Trigger breaks - 3 3/4 lbs.

Mauser Square Bridged 416 Rigby Premium Rifle

416 Rigby built on a Mauser action square bridged right side

Mauser Square Bridged 416 Rigby Premium Rifle  - Exhibition Grade French Walnut
Mauser Square Bridged 416 Rigby Premium Rifle - Exhibition Grade French Walnut

416 Rigby Custom Rifle with custom rings and sights  416 Rigby custom rifle with custom bottom metal  416 Rigby custom rifle with color case shroud and checkered bolt handle  416 Rigby custom rifle with point pattern checkering and barrel band  416 Rigby custom rifle  416 Rigby custom rifle target - Federal Premium 400 grain trophy bonded bear claw 

Tac Hunter Synthetic Rifle
Synthetic Custom Tac Hunter Rifle
Todd Ramriez Tac-Hunter, 338 Lapua Stiller Action, Pac-nor Barrel
Price w/out Scope $ 12,500
Price w/ Scope $ 15,950

Todd Ramirez Syn-fle Rifle, Premium Synthetic Stock, Pac-nor Barrel, Custom Action Work, Recknagel Mounts
Price w/out Scope $15,000
Price w/ Scope $17,500

Todd Ramirez Syn-Fle, 300 Win Mag. Pac-nor Barrel
Price $15,000 with out scope

Beretta 687 EELL 12 ga., 28” Sporter Barrel, Optima Chokes Price $6,000.00

Beretta SO10 engraved by L. Casari, Brand New Never Fired with Case. $83,000

Pair of ASEL’s, D. Zanetti is the engraver, Brand New, Never Fired with Case. $63,000