All Metal Work Prices Are A Start Price.
Prices May Vary Depending on Condition of Gun.

Rust Blue

Doubles & O/U $ 400.00
Re-Solder (per rib) $ 100.00
Double Rifles $ 600.00
Bolt Actions $ 600.00

Salt Blue

Prices by quote

Nitrate Bluing

Small Parts Only - Prices start at $50.00 per part, (does not include polishing.)

Color Case Hardening

On Quote - Prices start at $550.00


Oil Finishes: Include clean up, checkering and minor crack repairs.

Satin Oil Finish - 100 % Pore Filled
Semi - Gloss Oil
High Shine Polished Oil

Example of Satin Oil Finish
Satin Oil Finish on Beretta shotgun

Satin starts at $500.00
Semi-Gloss starts at $750.00
High Shine starts at $1,000.00

Example of High Gloss Oil Finish
High Gloss Oil Finish on Beretta Shotgun buttstocks

High Gloss Oil Finish on Custom Rifle Bastogne Wood

Example of Semi-Gloss Oil Finish
Satin Oil Finish on Beretta S0

Additional charges may occur for difficult stock patterns, special stains, or bad condition of original stocks. Satin Oil Finish consist of a pore filled soft oil finish with no build up, Semi-gloss Oil finsih which is pore filled with 15 coats of finish of hand rubbed oil. High Gloss oil finish is between 20 or 30 coats of hand rubbed oil finish and then polished.