Boddington Rifle Project

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"My Todd Ramirez 7 x 57 is by far the nicest rifle I've ever owned... and to my thinking it's designed and built the way a fine bolt action rifle should be. In the field it's a joy to carry, and it handles like a dream. It has not yet failed me, and I'm sure it never will." Craig Boddington

Todd built Craig this 7 x 57. It is a left handed square bridged rifle. The wood is Bastone with a red stain and an oil finish. Craig has hunted various parts of the world using this gun.

Check out his trophies on the Trophy Room page.

Planning Phase of Rifle

Discussing Action, Caliber, Barrel Length, Twist of Barrel, Hardware, Scope, Scope Mounts, Finish on Wood and Metal, Wood Choice, Rifle Style, and Regulating Distance.


Planning of Pattern


Wood Work


Checkering - Setting Pattern For Point Checkering


Metal Work


Lap Rings


Sight Work


Final Phases


Finished Product