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Left handed 7mm stw square bridged mauser action in the white. Celtic engraving pattern with elk.

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Left Handed 7mm STW with Leopard and Celtic Engraving


Additional examples of engraving

280 front sights  280 rings and bases  280 trigger guard  280 floor plate  280 skeleton butt plate  280 rings and bases   280 swivels  280 barrel band  280 sights and barrel band  280 barrel  280 rifle  todd ramirez 280 rifle  custom 280 rifle  custom 280 rifle 

300 win mag floor plate  375 floor plate  300 Win Mag celtic engraving with gold leopards  celtic engraving with inlaid crossbolts 

30.06 floorplate for custom rifle  Sitka engraved on floorplate  warthog on trigger guard 

375 trap door grip cap  375 floorplate engraving  todd ramirez 375 rifle with scope  375 front sight and barrel band  375 barrel with engraving  375 floorplate with gold lion and engraving