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Custom Paint Duracoat one color $175.00
Custom Paint Duracoat two colors $200.00
Custom Paint Jobs with Duracoat, by quote
Have an idea give us a call and we will see what we can do.

glock 45  customized glock 
Glock 45 customized 40 cal.

9mm glock  full custom glock 
Fully customoized 9mm Glock

sig sauer custom paint  380 sig custom 
Custom painted Sig 380

custom 1911 custom paint  1911 skull paint job 
Custom 1911 with custom paint

custom 1911 build  custom 1911 paint 
Custom 1911 full build with custom paint

1911 p12 custom build  1911 p12 custom paint 
1911 P12 full custom build with custom paint